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The youngest person ever to be convicted of multiple murders in Canada, Jasmine Richardson was twelve when she brutally murdered her parents and younger brother in Medicine Hat, Alberta. After the bodies were discovered on April 23rd, 2006, police feared Jasmine could also be a victim. However, she was later found alive with her 23-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Allen Steinke, whom her parents did not approve of. Steinke, who, like Jasmine, had an interest in goth culture, monsters and vampires, was also charged with the murders. On July 9, 2007, Jasmine was convicted on three counts of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to ten years in prison, the maximum penalty for a child under fourteen under the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act.
New archaeological research shows that Easter Island heads have bodies buried beneath the ground.
While most of the statues on the enigmatic island appear only as heads protruding from the ground, archaeologists have confirmed that most, if not all of them actually have intricately carved bodies buried in the ground below them as well. The statues, or “Moai”, are believed to have been built by the island’s inhabitants between 1250 and 1500AD. To date, 887 of them have been found.
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These creepy photos were shot with a film camera in Maurach, Austria in 1988. A camera positioned on a nearby table snapped two consecutive photos, one with a flash and one without. In the photo without the flash, an unidentified woman appears in the photo. Even stranger, she appears larger than the rest of the people in the photo, as if she was actually sitting much closer to the camera. Photography experts from the Royal Photographic Society examined the photo and ruled out the possibility of a double exposure.

Elizabeth Bathory was born in 1560 into one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Transylvania. She is known as the most infamous serial killer in Central Europe. Elizabeth Bathory is remembered as the “Blood Countess”. She was only 15 when she was ‘married off’ for political gain and position to a rough soldier of nevertheless aristocratic stock and manner. By reason of the marriage, she became the lady of the Castle of Csejthe, his home. While her husband was pursuing his passion for war, Elizabeth was often left to herself. It was also then she began to develop an interest in the occult. An old maid named Dorka Szentes instructed her in the ways of witchcraft and Black Magic. Later Dorka became Bathory’s helping hand and she encouraged Elizabeth’s sadistic tendencies, like the inflicting of pain upon people. Together with Dorka, Elizabeth began the task of disciplining the female servants, and torture them in an underground chamber. In 1600 her husband died in battle and thus began Elizabeth’s period of atrocities. By this time it is thought that she had dabbled into some forms of sorcery, attending rituals that included the sacrificing of horses and other animals. Elizabeth, now 40 years old, grew increasingly vain and she feared the thought of aging as she may lose her beauty. One day a servant girl accidentally pulled her hair while combing it. Elizabeth slapped the girl’s hand so hard she drew blood. The girls blood fell into Elizabeth’s hand and she immediately thought that her skin took on the freshness of her young maid. She believed that she had found the secret of eternal youth. Elizabeth ordered her male servant and helping hand to strip the maid and then cut her and drain her blood into a huge vat. Elizabeth bathed in it to beautify her entire body. Her henchmen continued to provided Elizabeth with new girls for the blood-draining ritual and her blood baths. Elizabeth went out of her way to see to it that the dead girls were given proper Christian burials by the local Protestant pastor, at least initially. As the body count rose, the pastor refused to perform his duties in this respect, because there were too many girls coming to him from Elizabeth who had died of “unknown and mysterious causes.” She then threatened him in order to keep him from spreading the news of her “hobby” and continued to have the bodies buried secretly.On December 30, 1610 authorities raided the castle and they were horrified by the terrible sights. One dead girl in the main room, drained of blood and another alive whose body had been pierced with holes. In the dungeon they discovered several living girls, some of whose bodies had been pierced several times. Below the castle, they exhumed the bodies of some 50 girls. In August 1614 she died in prison.